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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Regime Change like Ice Hockey 

Ian Kludge pushing the Baha'i political agenda:

Dear Bacquia,
Two points:
(1) RE paying attention to what they say: many German Jews made that mistake once too. They dismissed Nazi anti-semitism as 'talk' and cheap vote-getting propaganda. They were wrong - and Israel can't afford to be wrong again. I fully support a first strike on Iran's nuclear facilities wherever they may be hidden and by whatever means are needed to destroy them. If the Iranians deny us their oil, destroy their oil facilities - if we can't have their oil, neither will they.

The US can get most of its oil needs met by Canada (already your largest supplier anyway of oil, gas and electricity). The MacMurray (Alberta) Tarsands have more oil than Saudi Arabia just for starters.

2) I have no idea why the Universal House decided as It did, if It did(I haven't even seen the letter allegedly saying these things.) but off the top of my head, I can imagine at least one major reason.

Regime change (one way or another) is coming in the relatively near future and Baha'is must be there when a new regime is established to make their mark on the new government and help move it in genuinely new directions. If they all Baha'is leave they will have lost all credibility as well as opportunities to legally prosecute their former tormentors.
If you want to play hockey, you've got to be on the ice at game-time.

Best wishes,
Ian Kluge

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where are the 7 million? 

From the late Jackson Ingram-Armstrong:

The Encyclopedia Britannica numbers were provided by Baha'i apologists, and EB has fallen to so low an estate that it simply prints what is provided.

There are virtually no Baha'is in continental Europe. 700 in Holland, similar in Spain, 2,000 each in Germany and France, fewer in Italy. From a demographic point of view this may as well be "zero."

There are rumored to be about 5,000 in the UK but who knows what that means, and it is not a lot anyway. Likewise the former Soviet Union has very few Baha'is. Almost none in China. So, with Europe, Eurasia and China out of the way, where are they?

There are 60,000 adult Baha'is with good addresses in the US, 12,500 in Canada. So much for North America.

There are 2,000 at most in the Arab world. There were less than 100,000 registered before the Revolution in Iran. Maybe 10,000, mostly Iranian refugees, in Turkey. Maybe 25,000 in Pakistan (mainly former Hindus, mainly rural peasants). So the Middle East is likewise very small.

There are 10,000 in Thailand. There were 100,000 in Vietnam before the revolution, but few are likely to remain. There are very few, then, in all of Southeast Asia. There are only a couple of thousand in Japan, and a similar number in Korea. East Asia is a wash.

All that is really left is Latin America, subsaharan Africa, and India. 2 million are claimed in India but insiders say the true number of real Baha'is there is closer to 100,000. Indians like to 'join' things, but go on being Hindus. I very much doubt there are millions of Baha'is in Latin America (Mexico appears to have almost none, e.g.). Columbia and Bolivia at one time had a few tens of thousands each, to my recollection, but that is not the same as millions.

I can't speak for subsaharan Africa. The biggest community was Uganda with 100,000, but it has been greatly disrupted in the last 2 decades by war and dictatorship, and one doesn't know how many are left.

This is not to say that the movement contains no potential for growth, only that the 7 million reported to Encyclopedia Britannica by someone in Wilmette or Haifa is....wish fulfilment rather than a solid social science statistic.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cluster Stats 

Susan Maneck on Ruhi:

...this last issue of American Baha'i gives some important national statistics regarding the growth of the Faith over the last two months. This is what I can tell you regarding what has happened the last few years.

In the US enrollments dropped off by about 60% since the core activities were introduced from about 1500 enrollments per year to 600 or 700. This may well be a natural consequence of the re-tooling involved.

That trend began to reverse itself only in the last year of the Plan where they showed a slight increase in enrollments. But it is nowhere near its pre-Ruhi levels. The Western and South, experienced the biggest drop and these are the areas where the institute process has progressed the most.

Enrollments dropped the least in the Central States, where the institute process hasn't really taken hold all that much. I mentioned that Chicago is>the city with the biggest number of new Baha'is last year.

It is an A cluster but it got there largely through Fundamental Verities rather than Ruhi.
I should add that most of the A clusters had been identified as among the strongest and most active communities well before Ruhi.

During the media project the National Teaching Committee had identifiied those areas most prepared for entry by troops as Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Austin (Texas), and Research Triangle Park (North Carolina).

Now in the last two years growth in A clusters (as measured by>number of new believers per year per Baha'i-with-known-address in the cluster) has shown an upswing while averaged growth in B and C clusters has not. But the latest issue of American Baha'i suggests that now B clusters are experiencing more growth than A clusters.>>In any case, those are the statistics as I know them

Agencies Supporting Shutdown of Publisher 

National Spiritual Assembly

23 July 2006

Dearly loved Friends

The National Spiritual Assembly has taken the decision that Baha'i Books UK
and its agents will cease to distribute books and other items marketed by
Kalimat Press with immediate effect.

The National Assembly's decision was reached as a result of increasing
concern in recent years that a number of titles published by Kalimat Press,
aside from those which have enriched Baha'i literature over the years,
contain matter inimical to the best interests of the Faith. The National
Assembly believes that it would therefore be inappropriate for it, as the
institution obligated to safeguard such interests in the United Kingdom, to
provide channels of distribution for such material.

Baha'i Books UK and its agents may continue, however, to sell whatever
Kalimat titles remain in stock until their inventories are depleted.
Further, individuals are free to decide to purchase books from other

With loving Baha'i greetings
National Spiritual Assembly

Inquiries from War Correspondence on 'the Faith' 

Subject: What's happening in Haifa

Dear Ones,
Many messages are coming into the World Centre expressing concern and assuring us of prayers for our well being. Certainly, these are appreciated. The staff are all fine and in good spirits.

Food is the medicine! I think we will have all gained weight when this is over. The sirens are becoming routineâ€"a nuisance reallyâ€"and the rockets are doing very little damage. We have decided that crossing a street with Israeli drivers is more dangerous than the present situation.

We are trying to go about our work like normal. There is a good esprit de corps among the staff with everyone looking out for each other.

Amazingly, 170+ pilgrims arrived in the midst of all this and are now going through a program which is being devised day by day. They are having extra love showered upon them by the Universal House of Justice, the International Teaching Centre and Dr. Varqa. We are certain that neither they nor the World Centre will ever forget this particular pilgrimage.

The world’s press is camped out at the top of the mountain directly over our properties. We have already had inquiries from correspondents awed by the beauty of the Terraces who wish to do stories about the Faith itself once this situation is over.

We are very grateful for the evidences of God’s protection and mercy!
With much love,
Kathy Hogenson

Teaching Opportunities during Bombings 

From a BWC staffer:

Please don't anyone waste energy worrying about the staff here. We're fine.
Pray for us and the World Centre, but don't worry about us. We have excellent civil defense procedures to follow, and we are all well protected.

Of course, there are lots of slumber parties going on 'cause the younger staff feel the need for lots of companionship! The war is opening up lots of opportunities to teach the Faith.

Some of my reports from Haifa are going to the Web site of my high school graduating class, and I'm getting lots of responses from my classmates of 45 years ago. I don't push Bahá'í, but I mention Bahá'í every so often in strategic places.

The BBC did a piece with the reporter standing in the middle of Ben Gurion with the Shrine in the background!

Please take advantage of this situation to promote the activities of the Five Year Plan with renewed energy, and teach, teach, teach the Faith.

And please keep in mind that this is the Lesser Peace in development. We've known for years that war would erupt in the Middle East, and we know that God has a plan, and we know how vital the well being of Israel is for the World Centre.

Our personal political viewpoints are irrelevant, although suffice it to say that I fully approve of Israel's determination to wipe out the viper's nest called Hezbollah. As I said in a previous email (that some of you didn't get because I just added your names to the distribution list), this is a religious war.

Ahmadednijah of Iran (and probably most of the fundamentalist Shiites) believe that the second coming of the Qa'im is only two or three years away, to be preceded by chaos and war, and he believes himself to be an agent of some sort in this event.

The European edition of Time Magazine mentioned this a few months ago; I'm not making it up. And there are probably many other reasons behind this war that we will never know, that perhaps the Israeli government doesn't even realize. The Katyusha rockets are notoriously inaccurate.

They are sent in barrages in the hope that some of them will hit something, sort of by default. And sometimes they do. But they are more of a nuisance than a viable threat. They are a psychological weapon. The anti-missile systems are being used against the "real" rockets. As far as I know, no significant military installations have been hit, except for that one ship several days ago, and that was because a technical decision had been made to turn off the ship's anti-missile defense system for specific reasons.

The international news service gave a lot of coverage to Haifa yesterday. However, the number of rockets aimed at northern Israel yesterday was significantly less than the number the day before. It is my understanding that a lot of Hezbollah's rockets have been destroyed. I have no inside information, though, am only putting two and two together. And when the news anchorman or correspondent talks about Haifa, the network often shows video footage of Lebanon, thus giving the erroneous impression that Haifa is burning. Haifa is not burning. The hits here have been very minor.

More in Commune with the Israelis 

Beginning of Day 2: The lastsirens we heard were last night when we were goingto bed about 10:30 p.m. Sofar today, beautiful blue skies, overwhelming heat, and NO sirens!

A few notes about being here ... I get the sense that the BelovedUniversalHouse of Justice is allowing us all here because it doesn't want toprevent usfrom attaining our hearts' desire when we have been waiting so long. Iamfilled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for being here at this time.This is a historic pilgrimage for all of us.

Our instructions today are to checkwith the hotel desk at Noon. Then we can go to the Pilgrim Reception Centerand to the Shrines until 2 p.m, after which we will go to the Seat to meet with the BelovedUniversal House of Justice, the Hand of the Cause, and someCounsellor members of the ITC in the multi-purpose room.

Last night we went into the Mercaz for dinner. There was hardly any one outonthe streets and very few stores were open. Interestingly enough, theIsraelisseem to respect the fact that we are here. We are feeling more of a sense ofcommunity with the Israelis than we have in the past.

House is Monitoring the Situation! 

In the late morning, -------- and ------- came to our hotel and
provided an orientation. We went to the Pilgrim House and registered.
This afternoon, just as the first group was headed toward the Shrines, the sirens went off.
They went off three times in succession. We all had to go to the bomb shelters. We were in there for quite some time. No one "complained."

We were all just happy to be closer to our Hearts' desires.

Actually in the shelter where we were, we played charades and joked around calling ourselves the Bomb Shelter Baha'is!

Later we went to the old Pilgrim House and there saw two Counsellor members of the ITC. We were told what to do in case of the sirens and were lead to the Shrines. The Universal House of Justice gave the pilgrims an hour to pray in the shrines.

After the Shrines. we went to the Visitor Reception Center and heard a talk by Hand of the Cause of God Dr. Varqa. He said a lot of things (I took notes and can type that up after returning home).

One of the first things he said was that we are the first Pilgrim Group in history
to come on Pilgrimage "under bombardment."

The second day of Pilgrimage we usually go to Bahji but unfortunately we are not allowed to do so tomorrow. No matter. Today, we were allowed in the Shrines. We are all grateful for whatever we get. We are taking it day by day.

Please know that the House is monitoring the situation closely and we are all safe and happy to be here -- no matter what.

Blessed in the First Day 

This information received from Dr. Nabil Ali 17 July2006
ginger fuller's report from Haifa

My sister Sandra called me this morning to let me knowthat Haifa was hit a number of times today but theBaha'i properties have not been hit. She has a verygood view of Haifa from her office.

As the bombs andmissiles were landing in Haifa she could actually seethem. A number of Bahá’ís had joined her in her office and they saw the missile that hit the trainstation. This was around 9:00 a.m. this morning andthe sirens went off which is their notice to go to the bomb shelter.

There are 3 bomb shelters under the buildings with a connecting walk way so you can move from one shelter to another. They were down there forabout 1-1/2 and all was silent when the next round ofmissiles came flying in so they had to continue tostay under ground.

The wonderful chef however had been busy with her staff and fixed a great lunch andall were allowed to go to the cafeteria where they hadput up boards in front of the glass windows foreveryone's safety. Also during this time they wereallowed to go to the grocery store that is part of this complex to get a few things.

Then they were allowed to go back to the offices since no more missiles had been reported or heard. Within no time the missiles were being fired once again at Haifa and the rest of the day was spent inthe bomb shelters.

In one of the bomb shelters therewas a TV and they were able to find out more about their own current situation. They have been told that Akka was hit but they did notknow if it was the old or new part of Akka or if the Baha'i property was hit. She does know the Bahji isnow closed to all Bahá’ís until they are toldotherwise. There is a bomb shelter on the property atBahji so the custodians do have a place to go.

Sandra said that the mood is very good. There aregroups sitting and talking as well as singing andpraying. There is a new group of employees whostarted their morning with being greeted by the 9members of the UHJ when they were all told to go downto their bomb shelter.

Can you only imagine what it must have been like to spend your long hours of your first day with all members of the UHJ? What ablessing.

Rocket Coverage good 'for the Faith' 

Today the Baha'is got some unbelievable press on CNN.

Apparently the two rockets from Lebanon aimed at Haifa landed just beyond the Baha'i shrines on Mt. Carmel, on some road --- they didn't mention which one.

However, the two newscasters --- I didn't get their names but I'll try later --- went on and on about the Baha'i Faith, how beautiful it was. "If you have ever been there, the temples are breath taking.." said one. "...at the hanging gardens of the Baha'i Faith..." was the comment of another. Another said how said it was that the rockets should land in this city where everyone gets along: the Jews, Christians, Moslems and the Druze.

I'm giving you just a few of the comments. It went on for about 3-4 minutes. I was encouraged: people know us.



Individuals are free, or are they .. 

Bahá’í World Centre • P.O. Box 155 • 31001 Haifa, Israel

Tel: 972 (4) 835 8358 • Fax: 972 (4) 835 8280 • Email: secretariat@bwc.org

12 June 2006

Transmitted by email: xxxxxx

Dear Bahá’í Friend,

The Universal House of Justice has received your email letter dated 21 May 2006, and we have been asked to convey the following in response.

Your inquiry about the decision concerning the Bahá’í membership of Mr. Sen McGlinn
contains quotations on a number of topics, such as the importance of knowledge and the role of learned individuals in this dispensation.

The House of Justice feels that the objections you raise could be resolved if you were to conduct an equally thorough review of the complementary statements in the Writings that shed light on the process of the acquisition and use of knowledge, admonish the learned, and set out the provisions of the Covenant that safeguard the integrity of the Faith.

Every individual has the right to hold and express personal views. This does not mean, however, that whatever is said is consistent with the Bahá’í Teachings. Bahá’u’lláh has established the criteria for understanding and practicing His Faith, and no one who professes to be a Bahá’í can systematically propagate personal interpretations that violate these criteria.

An individual who insists upon a personal view in an effort to change the essential character of the Faith places himself outside the circle of Bahá’í belief. Concerns with Mr. McGlinn’s actions have nothing to do with his treatment of topics such as church and state; yet, the extent that he uses these themes as a vehicle to justify and broaden his presumed authority to "criticize, clarify, purify and strengthen the ideas of the Bahá’í community" cannot be ignored.

You have also inquired about the decision of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States not to market the books of Kalimát Press through Bahá’í agencies in that country.

Individuals and institutions have not been prevented from purchasing Kalimát’s books or from keeping them in their libraries. Rather, the National Assembly has simply decided that Bahá’í agencies will not sell them.

The use of the word "boycott" in this connection misrepresents the action taken by the National Assembly. The general policy in this regard, well known to Bahá’í institutions and publishers of Bahá’í books, is that even after a text is reviewed, publishers do not have the right to expect that a National Spiritual Assembly, through its Publishing Trust or any other agency, will stock, promote or advertise the publication or offer it for sale.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,
Department of the Secretariat

Prof. Moshe Sharon instructing BWC research 

From: Moshe Sharon
Subject: Re: Nabi / Rasul
Date sent: Tue, 06 Jun 2006 10:06:08 +0200

Dear Mr. Terry

Your question was whether Baha'u'llah called himself Nabi or Rasul. I said that he did not, as far as I know, used these two specific titles among all the titles which he used for himself. The fact that he regarded the Rasuls and Anbia' as the manifestation of God is obvious. This was not the question. I still think, but I am always happy to be corrected, that he did not use these two specific terms for himself because they (particularly rasul) were connected with the fact that in the Qur'an Muhammad use them in connection with bashar namely flesh human being which belongs to this world.

I checked this with one of our colleagues in Haifa, one of the best experts on the writings of Baha'u'llah. He agreed with me that Baha'u'llah did not use either Nabi or Rasul for himself.

But to be sure they are running for me the full index programme of the writings of Baha'u'llah to see if I am right. Again, everything that was written about the interpretation of Baha'u'llah to these terms, is absolutely correct, but as I said this is not the question. If indeed Baha'u'llah as I think did not use the terms in question to describe himself then it is very interesting to see whether I am right in my interpretation. Thank you for rising the question.

I shall let you know about the outcome of the search in the BWC search engines. As far as the Seal is concerned. I believe that this is quite clear.

Every prophet is the seal of his cycle of prophecy. In this way the idea of the Seal of the
Prophets is kept as well as the validity of every a new prophecy which opens always a new cycle. This also is old and known material.

All the best
M. Sharon

Leave Us Alone 

From: COMMUNITY [mailto:COMMUNITY@usbnc.org]
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 10:01 AM
To: May, Dann
Subject: Request to meet with you
Importance: High

Mr. Dann May

Dear Baha'i Friend,

The National Spiritual Assembly has tried twice to reach you and your wife by phone at the only phone number we have for you, so we hope that this email address is current. The National Assembly was sorry to learn of your desire to withdraw from membership in the Baha'i Faith and would like to hear in fuller form the thoughts you expressed in your January letter.

To that end it has asked that two representatives fly to Norman, OK on Saturday, March 18 to meet with you and your wife at a time that is convenient for you. We hope that you will be agreeable to sharing your perspectives and concerns with these representatives and ask that you kindly reply at your earliest convenience so that airline tickets may be purchased.

With loving Baha'i greetings,
Marie Scheffer
For the Office of the Secretary

To all those concerned:

Perhaps you don’t understand – we already view ourselves as no longer members of the Baha’i community and we regularly attend Unitarian and Buddhist activities.

We do not present ourselves as Baha’is and do everything we can, when people try to introduce us as Baha’is, to politely disabuse them of that perception.

We have not attended feast in over a year, or for that matter, any other official Baha’i activity.

I think that it would be best for all those concerned, that we simply be allowed to withdraw.

We are deeply disillusioned with the unofficial and official Baha’i views on the war in Iraq, with the rise of Baha’i fundamentalism and intolerance and with the growing “ghettoization” of the Baha’i community in general.

We increasingly feel unwelcome at Baha’i events where everything seems to be scrutinized by rather mindless “Ruhi Book” mentalities rather than thoughtful discussions of the Baha’i Sacred Texts.

One-size-fits-all mass theology serves to only alienate anyone and everyone who wishes to pursue spiritually inspired and independent investigations of the truth. There appears to be, these days, little room or toleration for Baha’i scholars, Baha’i scholarship, or thoughtful approaches to the Baha’i sacred texts.

We are outraged over the Kalimat Press decision! We are, therefore, increasingly embarrassed to be associated with the Baha’i community. We often hear from our colleagues in the academic world, that they too perceive the Baha’i community as increasingly becoming more and more fundamentalist, alarmist, and cultish.

We are not interested in talking to anyone from the National Center and we will not meet with them, even if they come to Norman. Please do not send your representatives to Norman.

Use the funds for their plane tickets to do some good at one of the Baha’i schools or to feed the homeless. Please let us get on with our lives. Your response only convinces us more completely that the Baha’i community has become an authoritarian and fundamentalist movement.

Most religious scholars’ perceptions of cults are that they make it difficult for members to resign or leave the community with their reputations intact – please don’t confirm our suspicions! Let us resign and withdraw quietly and without fanfare or with inquisition-like exit interviews. We are willing to leave the Baha’i community without recriminations, regrets, or active criticisms on our part. Please let us fade from the Baha’i community as gently and as quietly as possible.


Dann May and Phyllis Bernard

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Independent Publisher Shut down 

From "The American Baha'i Online Edition":

National Assembly decision regarding Kalimat Press
Published: 12/30/2005

The National Spiritual Assembly wishes to draw to your attention a recent decision it has reached regarding the distribution of books and other materials marketed by Kalimat Press.

Please see at right [below] letters written by the National Assembly to Kalimat and to Local Spiritual Assemblies.


December 29, 2005

To all Local Spiritual Assemblies

Dear Bahá'í Friends,

Enclosed for your information is a copy of our letter of today’s date addressed to Kalimát Press. We ask you to comply with the decision we have made that all national and local Bahá'í agencies cease to distribute books and other items marketed by this publisher.

However, you may continue to sell whatever you may have in stock until your inventories are depleted.

Individuals are free, of course, to decide to purchase books from any publisher.

Our decision was regretfully reached as a result of increasing concern in recent years that a number of titles handled by Kalimát Press, aside from those which have enriched Bahá'í literature over the years, contain matter inimical to the best interests of our Faith.

It is highly inappropriate for Bahá'í institutions, which are obligated to safeguard such interests, to provide channels of distribution for publishers promoting such titles.

With loving Bahá'í greetings,
Robert C. Henderson

December 29, 2005
Mr. Anthony Lee
Kalimát Press
1600 Sawtelle Blvd., Suite 310
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Dear Bahá'í Friend,
We write to inform you of our decision to instruct the Bahá'í Distribution Service and all other national and local Bahá'í agencies serving our community to cease to acquire and sell any titles marketed by Kalimát Press. We have been impelled to so decide out of a serious concern that your company is increasingly offering titles that are inimical to the best interests of the Bahá'í Faith.
Yours in His service,
Robert C. Henderson

Entry by Troops for many Religions 

Peter Terry 10/12/05:

There are many religions who believe that at some time in the future everyone will be converted to their Faith, and that the governments of the world will supplanted by, converted into, or subordinate to the Kingdom of God on earth. Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, many evangelical and fundamentalist Protestant denominations, both Shi'i and Sunni Muslims, Orthodox Jews, even in a guarded fashion, the Roman Catholic Church.

The US government is well aware of this, and also well aware that the likelihood of this occurring any time in the near future is virtually inconceivable.

It is the imposition of such a theocratic government upon non-believers andbelievers alike which is repulsive to most of us, and the present-day examples of such an imposition are controllable, as long as the underlying issues which inspire commitment to those visions of theocracy are addressed.

The militants who resort to violence in their attempts to impose theocracy upon others are often motivated by a hatred of cultural, economic, political and military patterns which non-theocratic governments have imposed upon them...ergo, if we take the beam out of our own eyes, they are less likely to try to take it out for us.

Pattern of Institutions 

Peter Terry 09/12/05:

Contradicting the institutions of the Faith in a public forum is a form of disobedience, and apparently one that the Universal House of Justice regards as grave and, if constituting a pattern of behavior, it has repeatedly ruled that this behavior merits the formal disassociation of the individual from the Baha'i Community.

Arrest of Lotus Temple Trustees 

New Delhi

High Court stays arrest of Lotus temple trustees


The Delhi High Court on Friday stayed the arrest of thetrustees and management committee members of Delhi's Lotus temple, till September 25 on a complaint registered with the Delhi Police.

Justice A K Sikri directed the Economic Offence Wing(EOW) of the Delhi Police not to arrest the trustees and management committee members of the Lotus temple, founded by the Bahai faith, till the next date of hearing.

Trial Judge Kamini Lau, on the complaint of some of the former employees of the temple, had directed the Delhi Police to lodge acomplaint against the trustees and management committee members who were allegedly involved in smuggling of classified defence documents, hawala transactions and religious conversions.

The trustees and members, some of them from Iran, also procured about 80 Indian passports by submitting false address proof, Counsel S S Tripathy and Sandeep Jain said. Incidentally, Zina Sorabjee, the wife of formerAttorney General of India Soli Sorabjee, is one of the trustees. UNI

Baha'i Spy Ring Busted 

July 13th
New Delhi

In A complaint filed in a city court, a few trustees of the NationalSpiritual Assembly of Bahais of India have been accused of espionage bytheir colleagues.

Apparently, they were supplying classified documentsfrom India's defence establishments to Israeli and Iranian spyingagencies and making huge amounts in foreign currency. Taking cognisance of the complaint, the additional chief metropolitan magistrate, KaminiLau, has directed the Economic Offence Wing Cell to immediatelyregister a case against the accused persons.

The court has also asked the cell to file a status report with it by August 10. As per the allegations in the complaint, one of the accused, N.K.Bhudhiraja, general manager of finance with the spiritual organisation, forged an identity card and af fixed his photograph on an armed for cesconcessions form for fee baggage allowance, which is needed formilitary officials travelling to places in India and abroad.

Apparently, he also used to travel under the fictitious name of'Captain S. Budhiraja' of the air force station at Yelahanka. Apparently, the accused, by using such impersonations and forgery managed to clandestinely penetrate into the prohibited defence establishment of the country and get hold of classified documents.

In turn, he supplied the sensitive documents to spying agencies in Israel and Iran in return of foreign currency. The complaint has also alleged that the stamp of the air force station at Yelahanka had been forged with some amount of accuracy and was beingused by the accused trustees of the 'spiritual assembly'.

The complaint also alleges that another accused, Payam Shoghi, also atrustee with the society, is in truth an Iranian national. He fraudulently got his name inserted in the ration card of another accused and also got it attested.

On the basis of the ration card he managed to procure an Indian passport. The complaint also states that such passports have been issued to a number of other foreigners by the accused people through a similar fashion of forgery.The counsel of three complainants Swadesh Kumar, Khub Singh and GulshanKumar told the court that they have definitive documentary evidence to prove that the accused were, in addition to the other violations,involved in a large scale Hawala transaction network.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Apologetic's News Sources 

Kent Johnson wrote on 19/07/06:

Dear Everyone,

Yesterday was another five-alarm day, but nothing dropped on Haifa. Today no sirens, but we heard rockets hit, so they must have hit close by. But no warning siren. Figure that.

Haaretz is your best online option for finding out what is going on. The trailer announced the hits in Haifa within a minute or two. The lead article explains why the IDF needs 10 to 14 more days to finish the job it set out to do. Fox News is your best 24-hour network news reporting for cutting through the nonsense through to the chase and telling it like it is. My left-leaning, liberal heart really hurts to admit it, but O'Reilly on Fox News is telling it exactly as I feel it is concerning the war.

What do people do when they feel anxious? They eat!!! There's food all over the office. Since Bahá'ís prohibiting from drinking alcohol or doing drugs, sugar is our "drug of choice" in times like these.

Thanks you very much for your emails. I'm sorry that I don't have time to answer everyone as I would wish to.

Love to all,

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Doesn't matter, just Sign Them in 

"If we made the requirements too rigorous, we will cool off the initial enthusiasm, rebuff the hearts and cease to expand rapidly. The essential thing is that the candidate for enrollment should believe in his heart in the truth of Bahá'u'lláh. Whether he is literate or illiterate, informed of all Teachings or' not, is beside the point entirely. When the spark of faith exists the essential Message is there, and gradually everything else can be added unto it..."

(From a letter written on behalf of the Guardian to the National Spiritual Assembly of South and West Africa, July 9, 1957: Teaching the Masses, p. 12) (Compilations, Lights of Guidance, p. 69)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

'Authorised' attacks 

Dear shambles,

Next time you "attack" me make sure you obtain the proper "institutional" authorization to do so. Here on these boards there are authorized "attackers," such as Paul Hammond who just attacked you because you have not been authorized to "attack."

If you do not obtain the proper authorizations through the correct "institutional" channels, the authorized "attackers" become very peaved off and territorial about their turf you have encroached upon, and so then will start attacking you for having attacked me without going through the proper channels of authorization regarding attacking.

Paul Hammond here is the duly authorized TRB attack dog. Do not get into his game without first having being "authorized" to do so by your "institutions." Your religion is about all the proper channels of correct "authorization." This includes you going to the bathroom. You must be authorized through the proper institutional channels in order to take a dump or a bleed your snake, and should you not have obtained such authorization, you are deemed infirm in your covenant.


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